20. Two Endgame Problems
Finding the Hidden Tesujis

by Richard Bozulich

Besides ordinary endgame moves, such as pushing into the opponent's territory, taking territory by blocking, or playing hane-connection combinations, there are hidden moves, or should I simply say tesujis, that can maximize the amount of territory that can be extracted from a position. These tesujis are 'hidden' because they are not obvious and, unless you have seen them before, they might never occur to you.

In each of the two problems below, Black can win by one point, but only if he plays the right tesuiji and continues with the correct follow-up.

Black to play
Problem 1. Black to play
Black can keep sente until the end of the game.

Black to play
Problem 2. Black to play
Simply defending the upper left corner by blocking is not good enough. Black has to play a tesuji that complicates the position. Where is Black's tesuji?

Answer to Problem 1

Answer to Problem 2