22. Endgame Moves
in the Middle Game

Local Fights and Global Awareness

by Richard Bozulich
February 5, 2024

In the heat of a fight, it is quite natural for a player's attention to be focussed on the part of the board where the fight is evolving and to lose sight of the situation on the whole board. This often happens even in professional games, especially in TV games, where most of the moves have to be made within 30 seconds. The following game is an example.

White to play
Problem. White to play
Black has just played a hane with the marked stone. This is a big move as it expands Black's territory at the top and prevents White from expanding his corner. Moreover, if White ignores this move, Black will decrease the size of White's corner even more. However, it is still an endgame move and, as it turned out, the losing move. There was a more important issue that Black should have attended to. How should White take advantage of Black's mistake?