12. Three Tesuji Problems
The Atekomi Tesuji

by Richard Bozulich

The atekomi tesuji is not as obvious or spectacular as some other tesujis, such as the wedge-in tesuji (warikomi). As a result it tends to fall under the radar of many amateur players.

Therefore, I thought it would be instructive to highlight this tesuji by presenting some problems in which it is used and to show how effective it can be.

Problem 1. Black to play
Problem 1. Black to play
Black can make only one eye at the bottom. Somehow he has to find a way to make another one elsewhere. Where should he play?

Answer to Problem 1

Problem 2. Black to play
Problem 2. Black to play
White already has a two-space eye and it looks like he is going to get his second eye by capturing Black's two stones in the corner. What can Black do to thwart this?

Answer to Problem 2

Problems 3. Black to play
Problem 3. Black to play
Black's marked stones are under attack. He needs to save them all of them. What is the tesuji that will rescue them?

Answer to Problem 3