5. An Elusive Tesuji
The Weasel's-Belly Attachment

by Richard Bozulich

Some tesujis, such as the nose attachment, stand out and are often easy to spot. Others, even though you might be familiar with them, can be elusive. The tesuji used to solve the problem below is an example.

The reasons why the tesuji in this problem is so elusive is that Black has two concerns: the life of his two stones in the corner and how to manage his cutting stone on the outside. Black must find a move that addresses both of these issues.

Black to play
Problem. Black to play
White 1 and 3 are moves that are played in special circumstances. Extending to Black 4 is normal, but, after White blocks with 5, there is only one move that will enable Black to keep the initiative. Where should he play?